Library Policies

All persons wishing to borrow materials from the library (including Interlibrary Loan) must be registered at the circulation desk and obtain a library card. Registered patrons are responsible for all material borrowed and agree to follow all library rules.

Books, compact discs, and magazines may be checked out for a period of 3 weeks, with the privilege of renewal for three weeks, unless the item is in demand.

Videos and DVDs may be checked out for one week.

Four items per person may be checked out at any time from the library. This policy applies to the Network program and magazines.

Fines for overdue materials will be $.10 per day per item up to a maximum of the cost of the book.
The fine limit for children’s books, adult hardback books, and
audiovisual materials will be the replacement cost for the item.

Persons responsible for lost or damaged books must replace or pay for replacement. For books whose cost cannot be determined, a standard fee of

$5.00 per book and $25.00 for hardcover will be charged. For juvenile books whose cost cannot be determined, the fee will range from $8.00 to $15.00, depending on the type of book lost. The determined price of all books shall be the replacement cost.

Gifts, including books, will be accepted and placed in the library, subject to the approval of the library’s Book Selection Committee and/or the Library Board of Trustees. They reserve the right to dispose of any books, and/or other gifts in any way they care to if they find them unsuitable for library use.

Patrons wishing to display personal items in the library must sign an agreement regarding the loss of and/or damage to such items. Even with board approval the library will not be responsible for damage or loss.

Use of the library by a group or individual or organization during and after regular library hours on either a short or long term basis must be approved by the library or Friends of the Library. Meeting after regular hours may be subject to a fee.

The library shall not loan or rent any furniture or chairs.

Children of a Douglas County patron and a non-resident parent will follow the guidelines for the Non-Resident Users Policy.

Any library patron who has lost privileges may be reinstated after all iltems have been returned and fines paid or replacement costs paid for lost materials. A cash fee of $25.00 must be made at time of reinstatement.

If a memorial gift is given to the library the cost of the gift is the donor’s responsibility.

There will be a $10.00 cash deposit charged in order for patrons to check out automobile repair books, such as Chilton’s, and a $5.00 cash deposit charged for patrons to check out test manuals such as those for the armed forces, civil service, GED. Upon return of these books to the library, the amount of the deposit will be returned to the patron.

There will be a charge of $1.00 per book requested through interlibrary loan, if it is coming from a library outside our consortium. For libraries within our consortium, there is no charge to borrow books.

The photo copy charges will be:
Letter size-$.25 per sheet (if brought in by patron)
$.20 per sheet (if copied from library item)
Legal size–$.30 per sheet
Ledger size–$.35 per sheet

The same fee is charged for each duplicate copy.

In addition to the previously stated policies the following behaviors and actions are prohibited on library property.

* Carrying weapons of any kind
* Using obscene language
* Loud or disruptive behavior
* Removing library materials from the premises without authorization through established lending procedures
* Not wearing shoes or appropriate clothing (safety and hygiene reasons)
* Vandalism of library property
* Eating or drinking (bringing food or beverages into the library)
* Smoking or other uses of tobacco
* Possessing or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs or being in a state of intoxication that causes a disturbance
* Distributing or posting printed materials that have not been approved by the library
* Littering
* Skateboarding or roller-skating on library property
* Bringing animals or pets into the library except guide dogs for the blind and/or hearing impaired or for medical reasons without permission
* Leaving a child under eight years of age unattended by an adult
For the safety and well-being of young children, those children eight years of age or younger must be supervised by a responsible caregiver while in the library
* Leaving a child or young adult under age 18 at the library after closing time. If any child is still outside the library 15 minutes after closing, the City police Department will be notified to pick up the child
* Any illegal acts or conduct in violation of Federal, State or local law, ordinance or regulation.