New Books


Berman, Ella–The Comeback

Brown, Sandra–Thick as Thieves

Burke, James Lee–A Private Cathedral

Cleeves, Ann–The Darkest Evening

Cohen, Iris Martin–Last Call on Decatur Street

Dione, Karen–The Wicked Sister

Follett, Ken–The Evening and the Morning

Goldin, Megan–The Night Swim

Gould-Bourne, James–Bear Necessities

Grisham, John–A Time for Mercy

Heaberlin, Julia–We Are All the Same in the Dark

Johnson, Craig–Next to Last Stand

Joy, David–When These Mountains Burn

Laukkanen, Owen–Lone Jack Trail

McDaniel, Tiffany–Betty

Mallery, Susan–The Friendship List

Mandelbaum, Becky–The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals

O’Brien, Perry–Fire in the Blood

Picoult, Jodi–The Book of Two Ways

Riley, Brett–Comanche

Robinson, Marilynne–Jack

Rosenberg, Charles–The Day Lincoln Lost

Rosenfelt, David–Silent Bite

Strauss, Darin–The Queen of Tuesday

Unger, Lisa–Confession on the 7:45

Vaughan, Sarah–Little Disasters

Walker, Wendy–Don’t Look for Me

Wood, Charlotte–The Weekend

Zinna, Diane–The All Night Sun



Arsenault, Kerri–Mill Town

Evans, Sara–Born to Fly

Gaga, Lady–Channel Kindness

Grant, Richard–The Deepest South of All; True Stories from Natchez, Mississippi

Mifflin, Margot–Looking for Miss America

Shah, Meera–You’re the Only One I’ve Told

Souder, William–Mad at the World; A Life of John Steinbeck

Weiner, Tim–The Folly and the Glory



Babson, Marian–Murder on a Mystery Tour

Cayre, Hannelore–The Godmother

Cowie, Amber–Raven Lane

Davidson, Hilary–One Small Sacrifice

Dugoni, Robert–The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

Ferris, Monica–Framed in Lace

Ferris, Monica–Hanging By A Thread

Ferris, Monica–A Stitch in Time

Fleishman, Jeffrey–My Detective

Frost, Jacqueline–Twelve Slays of Christmas

McDonald, Gregory–Confess, Fletch

McDonald Gregory–Fletch and the Widow Bradley

McKenzie, Catherine–I’ll Never Tell

Morton, Kate–The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Nunn, Judy–Sanctuary

Rushford, Patricia–Over the Edge




All Good Things

A Boy Called Sailboat

A Champion Heart

Orphan Horse

Think Like a Dog

The Way Home