Just for Kids




Armand, Glenda–All Aboard the Schooltrain

Bailey, Jenn–Henry, Like Always

Cali, Davide–Too Many Rabbits

Coppo, Marianne–Fish and Crab

Daywalt, Drew–The Epic Adventures of Huggie and Stick

Downing, Julie–Night in the City

Fisher, Lalene–Friends Beyond Measure

Hrab, Naseem–Otis and Peanut

Iwai, Melissa–Gigi and Ojiji; What’s in a Name?

James, Alison–Maple and Rosemary

Medina, Juan–Elena Rides

Muth, Jon J.–Stillwater and Koo Save the World

Newman, Jeff–The Greedy Worm


AGES 8-12

Baptist, Kelly J.–Eb and Flow

Boch, Miya T.–The Pearl Hunter

Brody, Jessica–Amelia Gray is Almost Okay

Clark, Yvette–The House Swap

Elliott, L. M.–Bea and the New Deal Horse

Farizan, Sara–Opportunity Knocks

Giles, Chrystal D.–Not an Easy Win

Korman, Gordon–Linked

Strange, Lucy–Sisters of the Lost Marsh

Weatherford, Carole Boston–How Do You Spell Unfair?

Zahler, Diane–Wild Bird



Copp, Mary Wagley–Yoshi’s Big Swim; One Turtle’s Epic Journey Home

Hopkinson, Deborah–Race Against Death; The Greatest POW Rescue of WWII

Hood, Susan–Harboring Hope

Larson, Kirsten W.–The Fire of Stars

Stockdale, Susan-Line Up! Animals in Remarkable Rows



Blues Clue sand You; A Rainbow Puppy Adventure

Magic School Bus Rides Again Season 2

Pup Pup Tales; Bowser the  Hound

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Thomas and Friends; Mystery of Lookout Mountain



Mohrweis, Michelle–The Trouble With Robots

Preler, James–Jigsaw Jones and the Case of the Haunted Scarecrow