Just for Kids




Cline-Ransosme, Lesa–Overground Railroad

Colby, Rebecca–Crocodiles Need Kisses, Too

Cole, Henry–Nesting

Esbaum, Jill–Frog Boots

Fitzgerald, Isaac–How to Be A Pirate

Fogliano, Julie–My Best Friend

Gilbert, Frances–I Will Always Be Your Bunny

Harrison, Hannah E–Bear is Awake

Haughton, Chris–Don’t Worry, Little Crab

Henkes, Kevin-Summer Song

Junior, Otavio–From My Window

Lichtenheld, Tom–When My Brother Gets Home

Long, Ethan–Hello, World!

Mann, Jennifer K.–The Camping Trip

Miyakoshi, Akiko–I Dream of a Journey

Oswald, Pete–Hike

Robinson, Michelle–Ten Fat Sausages

Shannon, David–Roy Digs Dirt

Sohn, Amy–Brooklyn Bailey, the Missing Dog

Snyder, Rebecca–Charlie and Mouse Outdoors

Tucker, Zoe–Greta and the giants

Zolotow, Charlotte–In My Garden



AGES 8-12

Anderson, Sophie–The Girl Who Speaks Bear

Jocelyn, Marthe–Aggie Morton Mystery Queen, The Body Under the Piano

Lang, Heidi–Wrong Way Summer

McCullough, Joy–A Field Guide to Getting Lost

Nesbet, Anne–Daring Darleen, Queen of the Screen

Oliver, Lauren–The Magnificent Monsters of Cedar Street

O’Shaunessy, Kate–The Lonely Heart of Maybelle Lane

Peterson, Ellie–The Reason for the Season

Preus, Margi–The Littlest Voyager

Reese, Jenn–A Game of Fox and Squirrels

Sachar, Louis–Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom

Swore, Wendy S.–The Wish and the Peacock




Blackford, Harriet–What is a Rainbow?

Chaffee, Kim—Her Fearless Run

Clark, Neil–The Book of Cars and Trucks

Ellis, Joey–Wolfie Monster and the Big Bad Pizza Battle

Floca, Brian–Moonshot

Gonzales, Debbie–Girls With Guts!

Hartland, Jessie–Our Flag Was Still There



The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures


Spunky’s First Christmas




Berrow, G. M.–The Spring Filly